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Savor the Caribbean Twist: The Tantalizing Tuna Melt

When it comes to classic comfort food, few dishes rival the beloved Tuna Melt. But what if we told you there's a way to take this comforting classic to a whole new level? At Branches Grill and Cafe, we've added a dash of Caribbean flair to the traditional Tuna Melt, creating a mouthwatering delight that's a must-try for any food enthusiast. Join us as we explore the tantalizing world of our Caribbean-inspired Tuna Melt.

The Classic Tuna Melt Reimagined: The Tuna Melt is a timeless sandwich that combines creamy tuna salad, slices of ripe tomato, and a generous layer of melted American cheese, all served on perfectly toasted white bread. It's a comforting treat that satisfies your cravings and warms your heart with every bite. But at Branches Grill and Cafe, we believe that classics can always be improved upon.

House-Made Spices for a Caribbean Twist: What sets our Tuna Melt apart is the addition of our house-made spices. Infused with Caribbean flavors and a touch of culinary creativity, these spices transform the traditional Tuna Melt into a culinary masterpiece. Each bite is an explosion of taste, as the spices elevate the dish to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Branches Grill and Cafe: Where Flavor Meets Tradition: Branches Grill and Cafe is your destination for experiencing the fusion of Caribbean and American cuisine. Our commitment to quality ingredients, innovative culinary techniques, and a touch of Caribbean flair has earned us a reputation as a food haven in Chatham, MA.

Visit Us and Savor the Difference: The Caribbean-inspired Tuna Melt is just one of the many delectable dishes you can enjoy at Branches Grill and Cafe. Whether you're a local looking for a new culinary adventure or a visitor seeking a memorable dining experience, our restaurant offers something for everyone.

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday - Thursday: 11:30 am – 8 pm

  • Friday - Saturday: 11:30 am – 9 pm

  • Monday & Sunday: Closed


  • 155 Crowell Road

  • Chatham, MA 02633

When it comes to comfort food, the Tuna Melt has always held a special place in our hearts. But at Branches Grill and Cafe, we've taken this classic to new heights with our Caribbean-inspired twist. The addition of our house-made spices elevates this beloved sandwich to a culinary masterpiece that you won't want to miss. Join us at Branches Grill and Cafe and savor the difference. Our commitment to flavor, quality, and innovation ensures a dining experience like no other.

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